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Creating a website is one of the biggest steps to take when launching a startup or expanding an existing business. Without a website, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maximize your reach to potential customers and clients. When you are ready to move forward with a website of your own, it is important to learn about how proper website design and development can help take your online presence to the next level of success.

Website Design

When websites first became popular, they were simplistic and often coded using only HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and in some cases, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Today, there are hundreds of programming languages that provide advanced menus, navigation systems, and engaging design features. When you want to create a website that leaves a lasting memorable experience, working with an in-house team that specializes in design and development is a must.

The first step to creating a well-designed website is to consider the type of content and layout that is likely to work best for the purpose of your site. Do you want to create a digital magazine look for your website or are you willing to utilize a classic blog? Do you have plans to integrate an eCommerce shop into your website? If so, how do you want visitors to view your products and checkout process? Are you planning to accept comments and discussions on your blogs? What color scheme is most relevant to your logo and the services or products you offer?

Once you have a clear understanding of the vision you have for your website, move forward with the planning of your navigation sections, social media buttons, and blogging system. In many cases, web development teams will utilize CMS (content management systems), which provide you with a robust, yet easy-to-use administration panel when accessing the backend of your website. With a CMS system in place, easily create new page content and blog entries to keep your users informed and updated with the latest news and information relevant to your brand.

Streamlined graphics and professional photographs also help to create a visually-appealing brand for your website. When a website uses professional graphics and photographs, it is much easier to gain the trust and loyalty of visitors and those who have an interest in the content, services, or products you have available. Work together with a development and design team to create an image and aesthetic for your website that can be utilized within your blogs, content pages, and even when updating your social media accounts. Using the same style of graphics and photos across social media and your official website is a way to create a strong brand for your business while developing a professional reputation for the services or products you offer.

A/B testing is one of the last steps required before launching a website live. A website development team understands the importance of verifying a website's accessibility, appeal, and functionality on a variety of devices. Testing your website's responsiveness and whether it is mobile-friendly with multiple browsers, tablet devices, and smartphones is essential to avoid alienating any sector of your target audience.

Landing Pages & Microsites

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Landing pages of websites help to attract new visitors while enticing them to learn more about the products, services, or content you provide. Landing pages are extremely important when you are working towards boosting the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website and where your website appears in top search engine rankings. Without a properly-coded and appealing landing page, you are more likely to miss out on gaining loyal followers while increasing your website's overall bounce rate.

Bounce rates are calculated by the percentage of your visitors who leave your website after only viewing the first (landing) page of your site. When your website does not have an appealing or functional landing page, expect a much higher bounce rate. If your website's bounce rate is higher than 50%, work with a development team to make necessary changes that help encourage visitors to learn more, make sales, or reach out to you.

A landing page requires proper search engine optimization to appear on search engines for better visibility. Additionally, it is important for any landing pages you use to match the current theme, logo, and overall aesthetic of your main website. Work together with a professional development team to ensure all of the landing pages you have created for your site are relevant and visually-appealing to your target audience.

A microsite is a smaller version of a website that often covers one to two topics, rather than expanding on the entire scope of your website and all that it offers. Microsites are ideal to promote contests, giveaways, new products, and even upcoming promotions. Using a microsite is also optimal when you plan to launch an online ad campaign with in-depth tracking to learn more about what type of microsites and content your audience responds to most.

While microsites focus on only one to two topics, they are also developed to reach a specific audience or target group of followers and prospective customers. Use microsites to appeal to users who have made purchases from your website in the past, or those who currently have an account with a virtual shopping cart filled with items. Create a microsite that offers discounts and coupons for loyal shoppers or those who have yet to make a purchase from you.

Microsites are great for storytelling and increasing the engagement of your users and loyal followers. When you want to expand your professional online presence while boosting your brand's reputation, consider developing multiple ongoing microsites across the web to better represent your business.

Using landing pages & microsites help to solidify a professional online reputation while also providing you with more content and URLs to share with prospective customers, followers, and potential visitors. With the right set of landing pages & microsites, maximize your online reach while gaining valuable insight and data using analytic tools each time you launch a new campaign or online advertisement.

In-House Development

Choosing an in-house development team is highly recommended when you want to guarantee satisfaction while having your website designed and developed. An in-house development team works together to streamline the process of creating and executing a website from start to finish. With a team of developers, expedite the process of having your website built with professionals who are certified and knowledgeable in various programming languages, CMS (content management system) solutions, and current design trends.

A development team that is in-house has the ability to communicate frequently, allowing them to meet any deadlines you have in place for your project. Receive a project scope that outlines and details all of the tasks and projects required in order to complete the development of your website. Inquire about each task and why it is important to learn more about the design and development process. Stay in touch with the development team you are assigned to throughout the development of your website to share new thoughts and insights as you progress. With the right development team, ensure you are on the right track to creating an appealing and functional website for your business or personal use.

Choosing a design and development team who truly understands your online needs is a way to ensure you are on the right track with your target audience and the demographic you want to reach. With the well-designed website that is appealing, functional, and useful, make a memorable splash in any market or industry you represent.

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