What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process which increases a website's rankings in search engine results and subsequently increases site traffic and revenue.
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Search Engine Optimization

There are many components that go into SEO. However, before you can learn about those and why they are important to your website and ultimately, to your business you must first understand what SEO is.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, is the process by which a company or website owner uses "natural" or "organic" means to garner traffic to their website. The "optimization" part simply means that someone who understands the ins and outs of search engines does whatever they can to meet the algorithm's requirements so that your website is one of the top results for the keywords that you select. SEO differs from other methods of getting traffic because it does not involve paying for that traffic.

Your Search Result Position Important

Any person that is searching for products or services that you offer is likely going to look at the first couple if not only the firstpage of their search engine results. Most people do not have the time nor the willingness to sift through pages of results for the perfect business to meet their needs. This means that those businesses or websites that are found on the first page are going to be the ones that get the most traffic, and in turn, the most customers.

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What Does SEO Consist Of?

SEO is an ever-changing field because search engines are constantly updating their algorithms for search results. This means that your SEO specialist is always adapting and always shifting their strategy for getting you on the first page of the search results. The process entails the following strategies:

Google Page Speed Optimization

Imagine being your potential customer. You click on your website out of a sea of search results only to find that the webpage will not even load. Not even ten seconds have passed before you click out of the page and move on to the next best result.

This is a real scenario for many people. The fact of the matter is that many potential customers are lost to slow web pages. In fact, as many as 53% of mobile users will exit out of a webpage if it takes longer than three seconds to load. This means that the responsiveness of your page is critical for them to actually purchase your products or services.

We specialize in page speed optimization. Our experts understand what it takes to make web pages load faster and be more responsive to the user. We can take a look at your webpage and determine what can be done to make it faster while still maintaining all of the functionality that you want.

Website Assessment

Getting people to your site is only the first part of the task of turning those views into actual sales. Potential customers typically only want to purchase from companies that have trustworthy websites. Often, this means having modern-looking websites with SSL certificates and an array of resources.

Think about all the things that you would want as a consumer: a list of the products and services offered, information about the company, a contact form for further questions, and easy access to all parts of the site. All of these components have to be on your website to give visitors a better chance of utilizing your business.

There are other components that many business owners or website owners may not think about. For instance, a sitemap can help search engines more readily navigate the different pages on a website and understand how they work together. This is not something that would necessarily be a core visual component of your website, but it would still be key for search engines.

Another component you may not think about is a blog. Blogs are crucial in creating relevant, fresh content for search engines to crawl to drive traffic to your website. Without it, you will have a much more difficult time getting views and conversions.

We look at all these components through a website assessment and make sure that we provide you with everything that you need to have a fully optimized website. Our talented SEO experts can create sitemaps for your website to be crawled properly by search engines as well as a blog for you to have consistently fresh content all the time.

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Keyword & Competitor Research

Keywords are what tie all parts of SEO together. The keywords that you select for your website content and blogs are going to determine whose eyes you end up in front of. Your SEO specialist can research these terms and narrow them down so that you are only using keywords that are going to place you before people that are ready to buy your product or service.

Typically, this means working with you to better learn what it is that you offer. From there, your SEO specialist searches for the words that people search for in your area when they are looking for your product or service. They then scatter these keywords throughout your website content as well as your blogs.

This is only one side of it, however. Your SEO specialist also looks at what your competitors are doing to perform both keyword & competitor research to see what keywords they utilize. This way, you are always one step ahead of what they are offering and performing on their website and can respond accordingly.

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